A Complete and Up-To-Date Data Map Forms the Backbone of Your Privacy & Security Program

Leverage OneTrust’s patented privacy architecture and flexible intake methods to maintain an up-to-date mapping of your IT systems, business processes and third parties, and the many-to-many relationships between them

Populate Data Inventories

Automate Risk Identification & Mitigation

Generate Reporting & Data Visualization

Maintain Ongoing Compliance

Leverage Flexible Intake Methods to Populate Your Data Map

  • Utilize business facing inventory discovery questionnaires
  • Integrate with ongoing PIA, DPIA, and Vendor Assessment Processes
  • Import data from existing tools and leverage existing work done in Excel and SharePoint
  • Discover systems and data elements by integrating with existing CMDB, CASB, Identity Management, and Data Discovery tools

Automatically Assess Your Data Map for Compliance & Security Risks

  • Leverage OneTrust DataGuidance intelligence to flag risks based on various privacy and security laws and frameworks
  • Flag risks through integrations with other business applications
  • Track applied controls to mitigate and document residual risk

Automatically Generate Compliance Reporting & Data Flow Visualizations

  • Generate real-time, up-to-date records of processing activities
  • Track where data lives and how it’s processed to support individual rights fulfillment
  • Leverage the OneTrust architecture to automatically generate data lineage and cross border maps
  • Understand and document your transfer mechanisms for cross-border data flows

Transition to Business as Usual and Maintain Ongoing Compliance

  • Use automation rules to schedule reassessments over time
  • Update based on scheduled or event-based triggers, such as contract expiration, annual reassessments, or risk level
  • Continuously build on historical data for minimal business impact

Why OneTrust Data Mapping Automation?

Deep Regulatory Guidance

Powered by OneTrust DataGuidance privacy and security regulatory research platform

Multilingual Product

Over 100 languages available translated by OneTrust’s in-house, privacy-trained localization team

Flexible & Scalable

Fully scalable solution with deployment flexibility in cloud, or on-premises with the ability to migrate

Speed & Simplicity

Get up and running quickly with diverse targeted data discovery and intuitive workflows

Global Privacy Compliance

Get started in hours, not weeks with quick-start deployments and in-app wizards

Fully Integrated

Leverage deeply integrated OneTrust modules that grow more powerful together

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