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Stay Up-to-Date on COVID-19 News & Guidance with OneTrust DataGuidance™

  • Stay on top of global COVID-19 developments with regulatory guidance, reports, and requirements for employers
  • Access a comparison chart of guidance on major topics as well as a region by region, jurisdictional breakdown of authoritative information on privacy and the Coronavirus
  • Watch on-demand webinars with COVID-19 privacy experts and read articles written by top lawyers and researchers

Assess COVID-19 Impact on Your Business

The sudden shift to a remote workforce has had dramatic effects on most businesses. From the privacy challenges of managing employee health and increased reliance on cloud data to maintain business-as-usual, to ensuring that your business has a robust return to work plan, organizations are looking to maximize efficiency while maintaining the highest standards of employee health and privacy. OneTrust has developed a series of assessments to help address these challenges for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Assess COVID-19 Impact on Your Vendors & Third Parties

Not only are there direct impacts to most businesses due to COVID-19, but also the additional impacts that come from COVID-19’s effects on your vendors and third parties. The way that your vendors have approached their pandemic response and their business continuity and resiliency strategies are more important than ever. OneTrust Vendorpedia has developed a series of assessments to help you understand the impact of COVID-19 on your vendors and the strategies they’ve deployed in response to the pandemic. Additionally, OneTrust Vendorpedia’s Business Resiliency and Continuity solutions help you develop processes and strategies for any similar disruptions that may affect your vendors in the future.

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