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OneTrust offers a complete suite of technology solutions to help organizations accelerate time to compliance with Thailand’s PDPA. OneTrust enables organizations to operationalize and automate PDPA requirements across data subject rights, consent management, and privacy governance solutions.

PDPA Research and Readiness

Measure your current standing and build a data protection program to adhere to PDPA compliance standards

PDPA Data Subject Rights & Consent Management Solutions

Automate the fulfillment of data subject rights requests and collection of valid consent

PDPA Privacy Governance Solutions

Survey business activities to optimize data collection, auto-assign risk, and automate incident response

PDPA Research and Readiness

Access Research and Guidance on Thailand’s PDPA

PDPA §§ 8, 16

Access a centralized repository of resources that includes the full PDPA text, summaries, guides, and regulatory guidance. Stay up to date with the latest amendments, news, and developments from the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES) and the Personal Data Protection Committee (PDPC). 

Measure Your Program’s Effectiveness & Benchmark Your Readiness for PDPA

PDPA § 5

Leverage maturity & benchmarking tools to assess your program’s effectiveness, identify gaps in your PDPA compliance efforts, and measure your progress over time. Utilize the latest research to review your operations in the context of the PDPA and global compliance standards, as well as benchmark your readiness against other organizations. 

PDPA Data Subject Rights & Consent Management Solutions

Uphold Data Subject Rights

PDPA § 23

Choose from our library of default cookie banners that reflect PDPA-specific messaging. Utilize geolocation to customize the session experience to display the related cookie banner with appropriate consent models depending on the website visitor’s location. Leverage website and mobile app scanning to control tracking, personalization, and third-party cookies. 

Track Verifiable Consent to Avoid Unauthorized Data Processing

PDPA § 19

Comply with PDPA requirements for collection of valid consent and integrate with consent documentation across data collection points to generate detailed records and produce consent reports in the event of regulatory inquiry. Configure a centralized preference center to reduce opt-outs, while still enabling data subjects to withdraw consent and change their preference settings. 

Secure Communication and Processing to Fulfill Data Subject Requests

PDPA §§ 30, 33

Automate the fulfillment of data subject requests at every stage with targeted data discovery technology. Quickly identify where data resides throughout your systems and utilize PDPA response workflows to respond to requests, document exceptions, and reduce unnecessary work. 

PDPA Privacy Governance Solutions

Optimize Data Collection and Survey Risk Across your Business

PDPA §§ 37, 40

Leverage Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) to adhere to data minimization and purpose limitations specified in the PDPA and your internal policy. Track your practices and automatically flag and assign a risk score to responses not in line with the PDPA or your internal processes 

Empower Your Data Protection Officer (DPO) with Data Mapping

PDPA §§ 41, 42

Empower your DPO with access to evergreen information and track key attributes when mapping data for PDPA compliance, including international data transfers and transfers to third parties. Additionally, utilize bulk importing capabilities to attach PDPA-specific data elements to existing data.​ 

Control Third Party Access to Personal Data 

PDPA § 27

Document vendors and data flows between your organization to measure PDPA compliance. Implement controls across your value-chain from third party suppliers, service providers and vendors around the globe. Extend data access and deletion efforts across third party reach.  

Prepare for Breaches with Incident Management Templates

PDPA § 37

Take a proactive approach to incident management and decrease risks and other potential negative impacts should a breach occur.

Streamline Breach Response and Align with Notification Requirements

PDPA §§ 37, 40

Analyze incidents with a built-in Data Breach Notification assessment template. Utilize customizable workflows to streamline breach response, comply with PDPA security obligationsand meet the 72-hour breach notification requirement. 

Accelerate time to PDPA compliance with OneTrust

Operationalize and automate PDPA requirements and accelerate time to compliance with OneTrust technology solutions. 

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