An Automated Data Catalog Forms The Foundation​ For Your Governance Program​

Enable business users to quickly search and understand data that matters to facilitate the operational use of data in everyday decision-making. With OneTrust Data Catalog, take advantage of multiple governance capabilities in a central solution.​

AI-Powered Data Discovery ​

Automatically discover and classify assets and metadata​

Metadata Management​

Dynamically populate your data asset inventory, data dictionary, and business glossary ​

Data Lineage​

Maintain relationships and visualize how data flows across your organization​

Policy Management

Maintain and enforce rule-based data policies in the context of applicable regulatory guidelines​

show easily searchable user interface of data catalog

Surface the Data that Matters with a Centralized View of all Data Assets​

  • Empower business users to find and self-serve high-quality, pre-defined data they need and decrease dependencies on IT department
  • Utilize a business-facing portal for users to search and filter across any property, any object, any data element
  • Leverage automation to gain full visibility into the origin, use, and format of the data, how its classified, and where it’s stored
  • Dynamically link related business terms to technical metadata for a unified, easily searchable inventory anyone can understand and use
intelligent classification and tagging of data assets and data elements automatically populated in data catalog

Accelerate Time to Business Value with Automated Metadata Management

  • Automatically populate technical metadata extracted from automated scans into data dictionary
  • Harness the power of OneTrust Athena AI engine and machine learning to enrich data with classification and tagging
  • Leverage automated recommendations for new business terms based on patterns found in metadata scans​
data lineage visualization to establish a trusted data catalog

Governance Built on a Unified Platform to Transform Compliance into Business Value ​

  • Re-use data from automated assessments, IT Risk Management, and much more to drive an efficient governance program
  • Utilize OneTrust DataGuidance to research and build applicable governance policies that comply with regulatory obligations
  • Visualize how data flows from source systems to downstream BI tools and reports with Data Lineage

Operationalize Your Data Governance Program

Organizations can leverage the OneTrust Data Governance solution to centralize and automate their data governance programs. From initial data discovery to business insights, OneTrust helps you know your data, the laws that apply, and how to use that information to provide business value and demonstrate compliance.

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