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OneTrust Targeted Data Discovery™ Technology

The emergence of global privacy laws like the CCPA and GDPR now require businesses across the world to comply with large volumes of consumer and data subject rights requests. Responding to these requests is a time-consuming process full of manual tasks – making it a challenge to respond to the regulatory requirements for Consumer Rights Requests and the need to detect exactly where consumer data exists, in order to access, port, delete it, or comply with CCPA opt-outs.

The Targeted Data Discovery™ solution fully automates the manual tasks required to discover, delete, redact, opt out and process access, deletion, or CCPA opt-out of sale requests – retrieving a single person's information in relevant systems.


Full Process Automation

Targeted Data Discovery™ technology fully automates the manual tasks required to discover, delete, redact, opt out and process access, deletion, or CCPA opt-out requests - retrieving a single person’s information in relevant systems only.


Support For Any System

Designed to integrate with industry-leading CRM, IT management, and HR tools, in addition to hundreds of pre-integrated solutions. Or build your own integration systems using OneTrust's developer portal or professional services.


Faster Request Fulfillment

Targeted Data Discovery™ technology integrates deeply with the OneTrust Consumer and Data Subject Rights Management solution to help find and retrieve information across systems for fully automated, faster fulfillment.

Targeted Data Discovery™ Technology: Three Integration Approaches

Pre-Built Plugins in OneTrust Integrations Marketplace

Easily Integrate With Your Custom Apps

  • Ingest WSDL or Swagger API Definitions Automatically
  • oAuth | API Key | Basic Auth | Custom Auth
  • Custom Headers | Custom Workflows

Abstraction Using Application Gateway to avoid OneTrust Needing direct access

Fully Automate the Intake & Fulfillment of Consumer Rights Requests

  • Automate each manual step used to process consumer rights and opt-out of sale requests leveraging OneTrust's flexible Integration Workflows
  • Integrate with existing ticketing and ITSM tools like ServiceNow or BMC Remedy to identify, track, and fulfill requests sent to IT teams
  • Communicate and share request deliverables with consumers and data subjects via a secure messaging portal

Automate Key Steps Including Identity Verification and Exception Processes

  • Automatically check known user information against internal systems such as IAM and CIAM systems to verify identity
  • Look up additional identifiers that may be used in other business systems
  • Check databases and systems for legal holds or other exception triggers

Leverage Automated Workflow Builder to Streamline Fulfillment with Full Process Automation

  • Leverage hundreds of prebuilt integrations from the OneTrust Integration Marketplace
  • Build configurable back-end workflows using the drag-and-drop Integration Workflow Builder to efficiently process, fulfill and respond to requests
  • Add sub-tasks into workflow and notify stakeholders of responsibilities via email or ticketing system

Targeted Data Discovery™ Solution

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Internal Systems

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