Discover and classify personal data, automate DSARs, and comply with global privacy regulations

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Identify at risk data, implement security controls, and monitor over time


Go beyond personal data to catalog meta-data, link to policies and visualize data lineage

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Find, Classify & Understand your Data

  • Automatically discover data across your entire IT infrastructure with deep scans of the actual data.   
  • Leverage advanced ML-based classification to label and tag data with both out-of-the-box and custom classifiers.   
  • Capture both business and technical metadata across your environment to enable better management of retention, access, protection, and governance of your data. 
  • Correlate data to identities to understand personal data across your business and automate key areas of your privacy & data protection programs

Complete Data Coverage Across Structured, Unstructured and Semi-Structured Data

  • Unique data discovery architecture allows for discovery and classification of all data types across cloud, on-premise, and legacy systems
  • Discover data in unstructured file shares, structured databases, Big Data storage, SaaS applications and other cloud solutions
  • Find personal, sensitive and other data in all file types including text, CSV, PDF, Zip and images with full OCR capabilities
  • Flexible deployment options allow discovery of data at scale without the use of agents

Put Discovery into Action

  • Don’t just discover your data, but action discovery results through OneTrust Privacy, Security & Data Governance apps
  • Enrich metadatamap to business glossaries, and give the business control of data by enabling data stewards and data usage requests with the OneTrust Data Catalog
  • Address at-risk data and enforce policy and technical controls like encryption, masking, and access controls
  • Understand privacy requirements that apply to personal data and build a data map and record of processing activities

500+ Pre-Built Connectors

Quickest time to value through the largest number of pre-built connectors. Plus, build your own custom connectors with Athena drag-and-drop workflow builder.

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