OneTrust GRC, Audit Management

Apply a risk-based approach to your GRC audit efforts to recognize the scope of business practices, their impact and where proposed measures for improvement can be effectively implemented.

Gain the data access you need to take a proactive risk-based audit approach

Streamline the execution of your internal GRC audits with an extensive library of controls, visibility into control testing and status’, and supported workflow to facilitate collaborative interaction with the first and second line.

Risk-Based Audit Approach

Initiate and prioritize auditing efforts based on real-time risk monitoring and measurements

Document Findings & Measure Controls

Understand the context of controls in place to produce impactful GRC audit outputs

Test Strength & Design

Measure control efficiency and accuracy aligned to both business activity and applicable policies

Audit Execution & Response

Utilize prepared workpapers and workflow to guide and streamline your auditing investigation

GRC Audit

Take a Risk-Based GRC Audit Approach

  • Leverage up-to-date centralized data across your CMDB, risk register, and inventory records
  • Avoid unnecessary hunting for evidence across systems, departments, and individuals
  • Schedule regular internal audits to measure exposure and stay ahead of regulatory demands
  • Execute guided audit task workflows to deliver findings in an expedited manner
  • Update risk status and values based on GRC audit findings and workflow response
  • Measure performance over time with centralized findings and historical benchmarking
GRC Platform Audit Details

Document Findings and Measure Controls

  • Collect data and information via automated assessments for a digital receipt of business activity
  • Measure readiness with our control library, pre-mapped to leading industry standards (ISO, NIST, FedRAMP, etc.)
  • Review data across systems with secure internal and external system integrations
  • Identify missing or deficient controls according to current practices and the latest policy updates
  • Measure risk exposure, and identify treatment plan based on vulnerabilities and missing controls
  • Support findings with linked evidence, and secure summary explanations
GRC Audit Control Self Assessment

Test Control Strength and Design

  • Map custom controls to leading standards, your internal policy, or take a hybrid approach
  • Track control status from planned, pending, and implemented, or identify missing controls
  • Auto-flag and calculate risk based on vulnerability exposure and related control status
  • Test control design to ensure that it is accurately measuring processes against policy
  • Test control effectiveness to understand if current efforts in place reduce exposure

Streamline Audit Execution and Response

  • Kickstart GRC auditing efforts with prepared workpapers to guide process and documentation
  • Manage communication within a secure portal for both internal and external messaging
  • Attach reference documentation, such as a pdf or other files to your treatment or findings report
  • Establish remediation and treatment plans to improve control strength by implementing new or modified controls
  • Provide end-to-end visibility from data collection to findings reports for leadership and regulatory authorities
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