IT & Security Risk Management

Centralize insights across IT and Security operations to identify, evaluate, and treat risk based on your business objectives.

OneTrust GRC helps organizations track and prioritize risk throughout their risk lifecycle.

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Identify Risk and Prioritize Action Throughout Your Enterprise.

Connect Enterprise Data

Streamline data collection with first-line friendly assessments and enterprise system integrations to populate up-to-date risk profiles

Measure Risk

Evaluate risk based on a methodology of your choice and understand risk relationships across your business processes, controls and third-party relationships

Remediate Risk

Guide and execute risk treatment plans and perform control self-assessments along a collaborative and auditable workflow

Ensure Control Effectiveness

Utilize continuous control monitoring and self-assessments to report on your risk posture and activity in near real-time

Report Risk in Context

Balance quantitative and qualitative risk insights to populate context-rich reporting aligned to business objectives

Connect Enterprise Data for Enhanced Visibility

  • Realize the extent of your data and uncover potential blind spots powered by OneTrust DataDiscovery
  • Collect data with context with automated assessments integrated directly to your IT Risk Management solution
  • Build system integrations with ease to sync KRI's from risk adjacent platforms, such as vulnerability scanners
  • Understand your risk relationships mapped across a centralized inventory of risk, controls, assets, processes, and vendors

Measure Risk and Prioritize Action

  • Start assessing risk today, with pre-seeded control libraries licensed from leading compliance frameworks (ISO, NIST, GDPR)
  • Auto-flag and identify IT risk management initiatives based on assessment responses or system updates
  • Assess both quantitative and qualitative measures of risk aligned to your business objectives
  • Scale your risk program using a flexible risk methodology (high to low, enterprise matrix, or risk formula)

Remediate Risk and Track Progress Over Time

  • Guide risk treatment with automated workflow to progress next steps, manage exceptions, and more
  • Extend remediation to your line of business and enhance visibility through intuitive assessments and system integrations
  • Benchmark risk with an auditable activity record to measure residual risk over time

Ensure Control Effectiveness

  • Monitor changes in real time with integrated data feeds from risk-adjacent systems and automated assessments
  • Seamlessly test a set of controls or individual practices with control self-assessments to measure maturity and effectiveness
  • Optimize control management with controls mapped across compliance obligations and AI-driven control suggestions

Visualize & Report Your Risk Activity and Performance

  • Highlight Key Risk Indicators (KRI’s) to track and address areas of potential exposure
  • Customize or use pre-built risk dashboards to showcase your risk appetite and the health of your IT risk management program
  • Aggregate risk reporting across assets, vendors, processes, and gain enterprise level insights
  • Generate summary reports or actionable findings in the format of your choice (dashboards, .pdf, column)

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