A/B Testing

Experiment with template designs, measure consent and iterate to maximize opt-ins 

Template Targeting

Define attributes and logic to deliver a specific template to the visitor  

Authenticated Consent

Synchronize consent of known users across devices and integrate with industry-wide ID solutions

A/B Test Numerous Template Designs

  • Experiment with template designs, including colors, layouts, text, and more, using A/B testing to determine which variant generates the highest conversions
  • View detailed dashboards and analytics to easily view the highest performing design
  • Easily identify the winning creative and deploy to one or multiple sites

Configure CMP Experience Based on Attributes and Logic

  • Deliver specific templates to visitors by defining attributes and logic based on behavior, content and more
  • Segment audiences within a single domain to deliver a thoughtful and relevant consent experience
  • Collect limited information to deliver a compliant, personalized experience or set values based on context

Synchronize Consent and Preferences Across Devices

  • Build trust and deliver personalization to audiences across all web, mobile, and OTT applications—without relying on third-party cookies
  • Conduct a “cookie-less” sync for consent and preferences across devices to avoid a jarring experience for known end users 
  • Sync with ID Solutions to identify the end user after consent is given on the first property interaction

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