Global regulatory research software to help you build and maintain your compliance program.

Choose Framework

Asses Maturity


Plan Remediation

Report on Progress

Reassess Over Time

Assess Maturity Against Relevant Laws & Frameworks

  • Leverage pre-built templates based on over 50 global laws, standards and frameworks
  • De-duplicated assesments when similar requirements exist across regulations and frameworks
  • Continuously updated with same day support for regulatory developments

Guidance and Collaboration in the Assessment Process

  • Configurable maturity models to meet unique program requirements and preferred level of detail
  • Benchmark your level of maturity on a question by question basis, across different laws and frameworks
  • Detailed summaries of the results with integrated guidance

Identify Gaps and Plan for the Future

  • Visualize program readiness for in-scope regulations and frameworks
  • Identify the gaps in your program and the regulations and frameworks they are associated with
  • Intelligence engine recommends gap remediation actions

Dashboards and Reports to Demonstrate Progress to Board and Executives

  • Dynamic in-tool dashboards and exportable reports to provide visibility to stakeholders within your organization
  • Showcase progress and accountability as your program evolves over time
  • Visualize results to justify future program investment

Layer on New Regulations and Frameworks As Your Business and the Regulatory Landscape Evolves

  • Incorporate new frameworks as your business needs change to respond to new regulations or market requirements
  • Use assessments to highlight developments to stakeholders and help form future business decisions
  • Ensure a consistent evolution and maturity of your global compliance program

Why OneTrust Maturity & Benchmarking?

Most Comprehensive Global Coverage

Specialists monitoring every jurisdiction in the world daily

Largest R&D Team

Capability to keep up with the latest regulatory developments

Same-Day Support

Real-time updates and guidance on developments

Customization & Collaboration

Assessments are easily tailored to focus on core business priorities

Solution integrations

Integration of all OneTrust solutions powers high performing capabilities and seamless functionality

Global Presence

8 global locations and coverage in 100 Languages

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